LETTERS-March 2004
Celebrating Diversity at EAR CANDY!

If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing.
-Kingley Amis

Well, music fans – we finally got a letter worthy of posting in our semi-regular “letters” section. No, it wasn’t an irate “artiste”, spewing fire and vitriolic verse at the lowly peasants at EAR CANDY that dare to question his musical brilliance! This letter is from an ‘insider’, who remarked upon how ironically accurate our recent BOSTON installment of GARY COLEMAN ROCK STARS was. He claims to have been Tom Scholz studio manager for a year and a half he “got totally fed up with his shit and left.” While I have no way of checking the background of the said author of this e-mail letter, I found the contents of his letters humorous and we are presenting it here in the pure intent of entertainment purposes only.
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: with no way of accurately determining the true identity of the said letter writer and his reported employment with the subject of one of our recent satirical pieces on the band BOSTON, we present this letter with the pure intent of information only. It is up to the individual reader to develop an opinion and we present this letter with the full knowledge that it may indeed be a piece of fiction.

For those of you unfamiliar with August, 2003 BOSTON installment of GARY COLEMAN ROCK STARS, we had talked to the publicist who handles BOSTON about a year ago to interview the band for our humble, yet popular publication. To make a long story short, we got the supreme run-around from both the band members (yes, we even tried to interview more than one member when the first went “prima donna”) and the publicist. And with the forgiveness of a saint, I offered them more chances than I should have. Although they wasted a huge amount of my time, I still got a story out of the ordeal…entirely at their expense I might ad.

I’m not going to reveal the name or the e-mail address of the writer of this e-mail. Nor will I give out Tom Scholz’ private number (which the writer also gave me). I have no interest in calling Mr. Scholz and I will respect his privacy. However, I will re-print the letter as it seems to go hand-in-hand with my “Corporate Rock” experience.

With no further adieu…

Wed, 25 Jun 2003
From: [name and e-mail address withheld]
Subject: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 12:00:38 -0500
Hey -

Just read your review of Tom Scholz, here is his "private" number: [withheld]. Call him up and give him a piece of your mind. This is the "private" number to his studio, he lives at [withheld]. in a run down split level, where his "recording studio" is in the den on the house. I know because I used to work with him until I got fed up with his attitude and holier than tho crap.

your review was right on the money.

Tom Scholz has left a wake of people who he has pissed off in his wake, and his fall from once high is the stuff that books come from.

Like how MCA pulled the video budget from "Walk on" when he would not supply storyboards for the first single, then he turned around and starts badmouthing them that they axed the budget and stopped promoting the record. Yes, Three months after their attempts to get him to cooperate!!!!

Later...I'm printing your article and going to tape it to the window at his house! Ha!

I was his studio manager for a year and a half until I got totally fed up with his shit and left.

[name witheld]

P.s. Don is his real name, as in Donald Thomas Scholz..

Interesting...and he might be legit. But, I did look up his name and he is listed on a Boston album. I have my own opinion, but I'll let you make up YOUR own mind!

More to come...I'm SURE!